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14 Reasons Why Women Like Tall Men

The heart wants what the heart wants, and more often than not the heart has a preference for tall men. Why do women like tall men? For a multitude of reasons that may surprise you. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite reasons why women like tall men, and linked our best tall men’s clothing so you can dress to impress (even more than you already do with your height alone).

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Why do women like tall men? 6 Sciencey Reasons

Let’s talk from a purely scientific perspective first. Observance and evaluation studies of tall men vs. short men have shown that:

Women tend to view tall men as more masculine.

The belief that being more masculine is better isn’t limited to just humans. The desire for a masculine partner stems from the idea that men who are stronger than their less masculine counterparts have stronger genes and are ideal mates for reproductive success.

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Tall men are likely to be more educated.

We agree that looks aren’t everything, but in this case height can sometimes be an indicator of intelligence. Studies have shown that taller men are more likely to continue to advance in education programming in comparison to shorter men.  

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Tall men tend to live longer.

Because of economical and health benefits, blind studies have shown a link between being taller with actually living longer. While being over 6’ tall may not substitute for a good diet or exercise, it seems like it doesn’t hurt either.

Men who are tall tend to make more money.

Tests have shown that taller men tend to cash larger checks than their shorter co-workers. While money isn’t everything, extra dough is always nice, isn’t it?

Tall men are less intimidated by your success.

Who doesn’t love a man who is confident in his role within a partnership? Studies have linked taller men to be more likely to marry educated women who are older than they are.

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They do more housework.

Confidence has been linked to height. Many studies have shown that when men are more confident they are more likely to pick partners who are their “equals” vs/ being drawn to traditional roles where men are the breadwinners and women are the homekeeper. Because of this two-way partnership, tall men tend to be more likely to share tasks formerly seen as “women’s” work. 

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More Factors Why Women Like Tall Men

There are also a lot of other reasons why women seek out tall men as potential partners that have nothing to do with science, including;

  • Women can wear high heels while still being shorter than him.
  • Menswear as oversized pieces on women is trendier than ever.
  • You can reach things on the highest of shelves.
  • You can see over masses to find the best seats and views...
  • ...Which means she can also find you in a crowd.
  • Cuddling is always more comforting when she’s curled up next to someone taller than her.
  • When you hug, she’s near your heart, quite literally.

Whether or not it’s your height that draws her in, ensure that poor fitting clothes don’t cause her to second guess your appeal by shopping for tall men’s clothing at joyouslyvibrantlife for a figure-flattering fit.