Gym Phat: Gyming Fashion for Tall Men

The days when you could go to the gym in a ratty tank top and your high school basketball shorts are long over, boys. The last thing you want is to look run of the mill on the treadmill.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with the best tall men’s workout clothes, including extra tall mens athletic pants, athletic short sleeve shirts, and slick gym hoodies for tall men. Check out the latest in gym fashion for tall men and get ready to go gyming in style.

The Best Hoodies for Tall Men

If you’re worried about that autumn chill seeping into your bones after a workout, stay warm and stay sharp with our specialty zip hoodies for tall men or our extra-comfortable pullover hoodies. Whether you need post-gym outfits or need to stay warm during crisp morning runs, these hoodies are among the best tall men’s workout clothes for both fashion and gyming.


Medium-weight with both brushed and unbrushed loop-back fleece options, they’re cozy enough to last you through winter, and cool enough that you’ll want to wear them all year round.

If you prefer a workout shirt sans hood, our new crewneck sweatshirt can seamlessly take you from the gym to the streets. There’s no better way to show off your envious frame with a fitted but smart-looking sweater.

Extra Tall Mens Athletic Pants

No gym outfits are complete without a good pair of jogging pants. And if you need extra tall mens athletic pants, you can’t go wrong with our training pants in both tapered and relaxed fits. Both are made with light, breathable polyester-spandex blends that will stand up to wear, without slowing you down on a jog.


While the tapered fit training pants are sleek and streamlined, the relaxed fit are designed to show off your latest pair of kicks at the basketball court.

For more comfortable, sharp gym outfits, visit our Newest Arrivals section before you go gyming. joyouslyvibrantlife specializes in upping tall men fashion with well-designed, high-quality garments made for men between 6'3" to 7'1" with a Medium to XXL build.