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How to Find the Best Jean Inseam for a Tall Lady

Going jean shopping as a woman is a notorious struggle. It’s so difficult that there’s been an entire book and movie series about a magical pair of jeans that fits four friends with very different body types. As a tall woman, jean shopping gets even harder.

Many big box and mall retailers don’t stock inseams over 34”, and anything taller can be difficult to find. If you’re looking for women’s tall skinny jeans or something similar, you’ll either have to go to a specialty retailer or shop online. Many women resort to expensive tailoring to get the right fit.

Fortunately, the team at joyouslyvibrantlife has heard your frustration, and we’re here to help. Now that we’ve perfected tall clothing for guys, we’re moving into women’s clothing, and jeans were at the top of our list. Today, we’ll talk about finding the best jean inseam for a tall lady, and how you can pick the best women’s tall jeans to flatter your frame. We offer the most flattering and comfortable women's jeans that boast a truly tall inseam, specifically tailored for women above 5'9 and even women above 6'5"! 

How Do You Know if Jeans Fit?

The first question that many women have when shopping is “how do you know if jeans fit?” There are a few key indicators to watch out for. If a pair of jeans fits you correctly, it will feel comfortable around the waist, with no pinching or looseness. It should also hang correctly at your crotch, so watch out for bunching or bagginess that indicates that there’s either excess fabric, or not enough.

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If the jeans fit well in the waist and hips, check out your ankles. Some styles (like flared or wide-legged jeans) are designed to have excess fabric at the ankle, but your jeans shouldn’t bunch or reveal too much skin above your ankle bone unless they’re marketed as “cropped.”

What length are tall women’s jeans?

Typically, most traditional retailers stock jeans up to a 34” inseam. That leaves most women over 5’7” searching for other options. Tall women’s jeans typically begin at a 34” inseam, and go up to 38”.

How do I find my perfect tall jeans size?

Unlike most other pairs of pants, shopping for jeans requires you to know not only your waist size, but also your inseam. To find the perfect pair of tall jeans, make sure you’re looking at the waist size (which typically ranges from 25-36”), as well as the inseam length.
While finding a brand of jeans with a length that works for you is important, make sure you don’t forget the other aspects of fit while shopping for tall jeans. The best pair of jeans can make us feel invincible, and you should never settle for less than a perfect fit! 

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Best Women’s Tall Jeans

There are tons of options out there for jeans that suit any occasion. A great pair of women’s tall skinny jeans in a dark wash can go from day to night with ease, while a looser, acid-washed pair is a great weekend staple. Here are some of our favorites.

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Women's bootcut jeans have a looser profile than skinny jeans but still fit closely through the waist and hips. Although the slim lower leg of a skinny jean can elongate your legs, bootcut and relaxed leg styles have a well-deserved place in every woman’s wardrobe. Bootcut jean styles pair well with any weekend outfit, but can also be dressed up with a blouse or silk camisole.

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Shop the Best Women’s Tall Jeans at joyouslyvibrantlife

Looking for stylish jeans that can fit any tall lady? Come check out our new women’s line at joyouslyvibrantlife. Our High Rise Skinny Tall Women’s Jeans come in a variety of washes with 35” and 37” inseam options! While we love a good pair of skinnies, if these aren't your preferred denim style, we suggest that you try our Slim-Fit or Bootcut leg jeans. We believe that with our precise fit and wide range of options, we’ve taken the struggle and stress out of jean shopping.