Tall Men’s Fashion Tips: How to Wear Sweatpants and Joggers

Wearing sweatpants and joggers incorrectly creates an air of ‘I’ve given up on life and/or hygiene,’ which no self-respecting man wants to project.

To avoid Jason Segel’s Costo-brand sweats style, follow our tall men’s fashion tips on how to wear sweatpants and joggers:

Find Your Fit

Before we show you how to wear sweatpants the right way, you’ll need sweats or joggers with the right fit.

You don’t want to pick any old pair of shapeless men’s tall sweatpants or joggers. Baggy sweatpants are the past, only finding refuge in select hip hop music videos these days.

We know comfort is priority – it’s probably why you’ve opted for joggers/sweats – and that can be found in today’s modern joggers and sweatpants styles. Baggy and billowy are being replaced by shaped up and slimed down sweats that almost feel tailored (if you opt for quality tall men’s sweatpants).

You’ll know instantly when you find that magic pair of pants – you’ll never want to take them off.

Dressing for the Gym

Slimming down and shaping up at the gym? You’ll want sweats or joggers of similar fashion.


Finding that balance between fit and comfort is key. Sweatpants that are too tight may rip while working through your circuit, and baggy ones can have you tripping over the dumbbells scattered everywhere (no one puts those things away).

First and foremost, look for something that’s stretchy and breathable. More stretch gives you flexibility to perform any exercise comfortably, while breathable fabrics won’t cause your lower half to overheat.

Next, consider length. Too long and you’re tripping over yourself; too short and you’re wearing the strangest pair of capris. For example, tall men can shop for men’s joggers and sweatpants designed specifically for their extra leg real estate. These tall men’s sweatpants look great stacked at the cuff, and fall straighter for tall guys eclipsing the 7’0” threshold.

Oh, and no one should be at the gym sans shirt. We like to keep it simple but make a statement: Try a quality tall men’s pullover hoodie or zip hoodie, with a tall men’s tee underneath for that classic Rocky look.

Lounging at Home

Some days, all a man wants to do is collapse on the sofa and stuff his face with Cheetos. Thankfully, there are pants for that.



We’ve already touched on fit, so the next important factor is feel. Here are some features to look for:

  • A looser fit around the crotch and thighs. You’re prioritizing comfort here. If you see the outline of your pockets against your pants, or your junk outline, they’re too tight.
  • No elastic cuffs? That’s gonna be a no from us, dog. Cuffs are cool right now, and look awesome pulled up a few inches. When worn at home, it provides that extra snug feel.
  • Drawstrings are a big plus in tall men’s joggers or sweatpants for the house. It gives you the option to loosen the waistline when you move onto that second bag of peanuts.
  • Finally, ask yourself: If I could, would I wear these all week? If the answer’s yes, pull out that credit card my tall friend.

Whether you prefer joggers or sweatpants, both styles of men’s leisurewear can be found with these elements and more. Be sure to keep them away from Cheetos finger dust.

4 More Tips on How to Wear Sweatpants


We’ve gone to the gym, made a stop home, and now we’re hitting the streets.

Check out a few more men’s fashion tips on wearing your tall sweatpants in public:

  • Cool kicks + men’s joggers are a match made in heaven. The natural taper and style of joggers allows you to effortlessly show off your shoes. If you need help with your shoe game, we’ve picked out some of the best sneakers for tall dudes.
  • Button-up shirts + joggers. That’s right, a dress shirt with casual pants. The evolution of the men’s joggers has made it acceptable to wear button-down shirts as your top of choice. Choose a patterned tall dress shirt if you’re a bold trendsetter.
  • The smart-casual outfit. Another one-time style sin that’s acceptable today, men’s joggers work well with either crew-neck sweaters or fitted button-downs. For your feet, think smart leather trainers. Complete the look with a wool overcoat, denim jacket, or slim fit blazer.
  • The streetwear look. The rising popularity of joggers and sweatpants is largely due to the merging of streetwear and high fashion. To achieve the look, anything sport- or workwear-inspired is suitable – layer with work coats, technical waterproofs, and bomber jackets. Shoes should be something classic, too, like Reebok Classics or Air Force 1’s. Top it off with a plain white tall tee.

Comfort is in style, and after months of testing fabrics, lengths, and details, our new men’s joggers and sweatpants are here. Grab a pair and head to the couch.